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Trade Course
Trade Course
Trade Course
Trade Course


Why exporting is a profitable business?

We passionately begin exportation because it can improve your financial status immediately. The logic of export is value appreciation. For example, one kg of mushroom costs around Rs. 85 in India, but the price will be Rs. 500 in Dubai. Somebody is gaining profit. Why you can't be the owner of that profit?

Do I need big money to be an exporter?

This is the biggest myth. Capital is not entirely a fundamental thing to start your business, because many successful exporters have started their business with less capital and end up with huge money. Today, if you have identified the right product, right market, the right price, and the right buyers (which is what you will be doing once you attend our training programmes or consulting services), banks and financial institutions are ready to back you up.

I am in a job. Should I quit my job to be an exporter?

No need to quit your job if you’re working. Just act as a merchant exporter, in the beginning, start an export company in the name of one of your family members.

We will assist you in registering a company, finding overseas buyers, packing, shipping, documentation, insurance, incentives, and so on. You choose the product we assist you to export.

I don't have a product, can I become an exporter?

Yes, you can. Most exporters are not manufacturers. There are millions of products that you can search in India and export to other countries with a more profit margin.

I have a product. Can I get your support?

Yes. In all possibilities, the value of your product in foreign markets will be higher compared to India. In this scenario, we can help you find a good market to choose the product and a set of buyers.

I have a product and, I am already exporting it. What type of services do you provide for me?

Many. You can outsource all your packaging, documenting and facilitation services with government bodies in India and abroad. Refer to our services section to know more.

Is there a chance for me to lose money with exporting business?

Yes and no. Yes, there is a risk in persisting in the exporting industry comparing to all business in your local market. But no, if you understand all the safety measures that we exercise in our training programmes and consulting assignments. We have learnt what we teach you in a hard way. Don't worry; we will not let you lose your money.

Do you understand the global market?

We are exporters first. We started exporting in 2009, without knowing much about the trick of the trade or anybody offering us guidance. We have established a network in 10 major export markets like Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America. We set up an export house in Sri Lanka for strategic reasons and drifted a new outfit called Modern (Colombo) Exim Pvt Limited. We are sharing our own experiences and making you exposure global markets via our network.

Will you help me after I finish the training?

Yes, our training services are the origin of a good relationship. Our objective is not just to provide an effective training programme, but also see to it that you have become a successful entrepreneur. We will guide you throughout the process and as long as you need us.

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